Monday, March 16, 2009


Evan : Hey did you see Ariel .. She looks all happy today. Appreciating everything around her. Thats the best thing I can hope for. Thats all that matters.
Silence : Yeah I can see her. Shes all lost in her dream world with her fantasies. Very soon she will elope her prince and forever will be in the arms of love. Thats a fairy tale ending isnt it.
Evan(smiling) : Yeah ! a fairy tale ending.
Silence : But ..
Evan : But what .. ??
Silence : But the prince isn't you Evan. Its not you. Its never you ! She is a fairy and she gets her fairy tale ending . Not you Evan ..not you
Evan : I have always lurked in the shadows ..I do not know that very well.. how does it make a difference anyway
Silence(smiles) : yeah thats also true .. nothing ever makes a difference anyway


Sauron said...

Abstract to the core! But, I enjoyed reading it.. well-written!

Ragpicker said...

Its just a carry forward of another upcoming poem ..thanks for your kind feedback ! :)

nan said...

I read the prologue after reading the poem and still it tastes good :)
That is the class of your talent!

Ragpicker said...

nan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might die now :P

Satans Darling™ said...

I told you before, I LOVE EVAN! And all these small conversations! And this was the first thing I had read on your Blog actually, but then I forgot to comment on it coz I got tied up in your other poem! I second Nan! Completely...

Ragpicker said...

Well ashrita truth is no one can love EVAN .. if he gets loved it jeopardizes his journey towards the final reality ! thats the whole essence of this story ...

However I must accept the fact that EVAN is not a fictional character and I know that person truly exists. So in real world may be theres a certain proximity that you can actually love him.

Or may be I'm bull shitting around cuz I am also high

Thanks for your reading with surgical precision. I love that most !!!!!!!!!!!!