Monday, March 23, 2009


Jeff drives towards the SHIELD facility which is about fifty miles away from Evan's home. Evan looks outside the window silently. The day drifts dark as the grey clouds cover the sun. He gets lost in the sight of a world moving behind him real fast and quick. Evan thinks about the beam9 project all this while when suddenly Jeff applies the brakes. Evan gets a slap back to consciousness.

Evan: What happened ?
Jeff: Look at the sidewalk on the other side. Do you recognize it ?
Evan(removing his sunglasses): Yeah looks kinda familiar. Wait a second. Is it really what I am thinking ..
Jeff(smiles) : Yes Evan ..
Evan(smiles) : Its been what ..about fifteen years since we have been to this place. I remember when I first met Ariel. It was this same sidewalk. Same kinda cloudy day , moist in the air and kids playing around. And you were all busy planning an excuse for stealing your dad's car.
Jeff(smiles again) : You bet . I still can't believe myself I was such an ass back then. Dad bumped my ass and fucked my weekly allowance when I was busted. I was in deep shit but it was fun. The days were sweeter , time was bright and we both had a world full of dreams. I was infact tired of your geek ass jokes that you relentlessly cracked despite my severe warnings.
Evan: Yeah ..I loved witnessing that irritated face of yours.
Jeff: You know Evan !
Evan: What ?
Jeff: In all these years when our dreams came true ..with all the money,power,science and resource still theres a big vacuum that has been created deep inside us. If I have missed anything in the last couple of years is your sick jokes. Sometimes I craved for that same irritation. I used to sit alone and pretend that you are irritating me. And then I used to shout back at you with rotten slangs only to realize I'm just talking to myself. .... I mean why that moment went away and why did we end up with everything in our lives that couldnt possibly gives us the same smile that we had long back.
Evan: I dont know J. Sometimes things just happen. Before we even realize how its gona effect us, we get effected. Even I have tried to understand and debunk this same "why" only to encounter a series of blackouts and a life full of alcohol.

Jeff and Evan both stares at the sidewalk and the greenfield behind it falling upto the end of the horizon. Silence prevails more than their physical presence.


Satans Darling™ said...

Walking down the memory lane :) Jeff and Evan both have reached a state of Void I see. A void that needs to be filled....

Ragpicker said...

Very true ! Theres an abyss which tends to infinity. Thats the very reason it needs a doped mind to search for the light , cuz I have tried over and over again with a clean mind to find the clues short failed miserably. Only drugs can lead me to a better road that can do some filling in this void of ev and J.

nan said...

I have been thinking for the past 23 minutes staring at this post. I have a gush of nostalgia overpowering my fingers.

Even I have tried to understand and debunk this same "why" only to encounter a series of blackouts and a life full of alcohol.

But then somehow we need to live again and that reminds me of what Nicolas Evans had said in his Horse Whisperer

"I guess that’s all forever is...Just one long trail of nows. And I guess all you can do is try and live one now at a time without getting too worked up about the last now or the next now."

Ragpicker said...

So true nandhini .. sometimes why we cant take the yesterday as just another wrinkle on our foreheads .. well i guess we can ...but not for evan and jeff ...because they are in a timeless world(oops--thats a story spoiler) :P

Thanks for the wonderful insight you shared !!!!

Anonymous said...

No wonder we stick to our old friends more as we grow in life.. They are the ones that understand and help fill the void !!