Monday, March 9, 2009

The Lost Navigator

Ariel : Why do you talk to my silence ? Is it not the exact place where you are not suppose to be ..
Evan : Ariel you know I'm deaf and I cant hear anything . I can't hear anything but your silence . . .


The sense of life swims on a river of thoughts
Sailing on a broken boat he ties the knots
Drowning forever he feels the absence of water
Echoing forever its her voices and laughter

He shuts his eyes against the drifting wind
Embracing a world that's shattered and sinned
The waves crash slowly against his will of mind
He tries the math just to turn back time

A quantum of truth quickly trembles his boat
On a vacuum of hearts and unread notes
He quietly obeys the grim departure
From his mind , the sunset and soul

His voyage to a blackhole of subtle revelations
Exploring her memories on extinct constellations
Falls to a land affected by an earthquake of love
With its epicenter in pain and dark skies above

The boat has crumbled and wrecked from inside
Yet he swims just to get a glimpse of her sight
Lost fragments of life welded through a stone
Its in her soul that he can find his home


Nothingman said...

good rhyme man...and great dialogue at the start of the poem :)

i like the header of the blog too!

See ya around :)


Ragpicker said...

thanks for your kind feedback .. that dialogue is a transcript from a neural blackout i faced a few years back . the malfunctioned brain didn't do much since then :P

nan said...

A lonely boat in the ocean of isolation. Worse, it is lost and eventually wrecked. Now, the pain is two folds.
Gosh ! What an impact !

Ragpicker said...

Well observed. I'm really happy to have such a good poetic observer like you.

"The waves crash slowly against his will of mind
He tries the math just to turn back time"

This is the part which depicts the two folded pain that can't be just stitched back no matter how much he tries to do the math and where all calculations , logical outcome of life fails.

So as you said it follows the ocean of isolation ... :)

Satans Darling™ said...


This is isolation best explained...

Ragpicker said...

Isolation needs explanation. It demands explanation from us all the time.

Thanks ash.