Monday, March 9, 2009

Black Clue

A slave to the curse , you wish for the death
Exhaling all your sins, you take every breathe
Assimilating every thought, surpassing the remains
You found yourself atlast , trespassing the realms of pain

Chained by contempt , you live through your convictions
Regretting every moment, you feed through this conventions
A slave to the deep, you are blinded by faceless mutations
Inside you creep, embracing your cold and deceptive creations

Its buried inside you , the darkest of dark truths
A black reality keeps you blinded from seeing what you should
Your mind bears this burden as others craft savage conclusions
about you and your life , for them its all convincing illusions

So feeble as your heart, that looks dark without any light
A fragility of your shadows, speaks of voiceless plight
Engraved inside your questions, are not the answers of time
But traits of soul redemption , that your long lost mind can't find

Your wounds are natural, just like the decomposition of the dead
An unfolding neutral, is surprised by such artificiality of your hate
This curse remains catalyzed, deep inside your life constantly shatters
Like your facts lie paralyzed , untouched to the soul that matters

A wrath of fate , your wonders slowly conclude a wait
A close divinity within a borderline where nothingness dictate
Your slavery speaks in itself , finds the clue to a fallen piece
A dark enlightenment takes a birth , inside the womb of broken peace

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