Friday, September 17, 2010


A slow but steady drift , towards an unseen end
Sometimes it craves for a spiral beginning
Sometimes it breathes through those remains
That circles the motionless thoughts spinning

Why doesnt nature calls for a clear sky
And the blank space inside the mind
Became this blackhole by sucking all the whys
The rewind went somewhere else and so did time

The morning starts with a promise
But yields more illusions than the previous night
Is it just one soul or the lesser known sunrise
None to chase or praise , weakness speaks of this plight

Nights are doorway to more emptiness
Unlike a zen monk with clarity in his choice
But more close to that moth running away
from everything only to seek endless cries

Disclosure of a divine disconnect of fate
And dreams whisper "I am gone , I am gone"
The reality grows stronger as fallouts procrastinate
The melody went somewhere else and so did this song

This life has started shredding its skin
Shadows of parallel conclusions has started disappearing
No attempts can replace this cosmic win
Some are condemned right since the beginning

Key to find meanings in lost relics
Is just like asking falling feather from the high
Why does a conscious mind ever speaks
When its the only audience to its own demise

With each step a new horizon of black arises
Carpet is laid for every pain thats going to be endured
Someones up there must be rolling my dices
One can understand , a sick mind like this cant be cured

A dusted road with wind shattering the light
Wheels move faster towards the end of this horizon's sight
This soul can never cherish , a moment thats bright
My dreams died somewhere and so did I.