Monday, August 8, 2011

Jarvis II

When myths of dead ends gets busted , a strange feeling rushes through the veins. Cynical smiles comes naturally all night long , as I sit in the darkness and recollect then not so seemingly apparent misdeeds of the past. My heart has withered away along with the moving time , thoughts systematically hollowed up as the mind is kept alive for survival purposes , thoroughly utilized by the capitalists with much entrenched redundancy in every aspect of life.

I stare down into the end of the horizon , that has no promises held for anyone. A senseless life we all lead much oblivious to the inordinate abundance of whatever reality has to offer. A deeply sedated being concluded for every notion and the inculcation of false morality into a vice society has led to deprivation and scarcity of almost everything except with a touch of reality in essence.

An extract from the Black Book - Ragpicker , Oct 15 , 1984.