Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Median versus None

Hour hand seems to be in a race
It keeps rushing for years
I have lost my words , in search
of her face

I crave my own despise, my eternal wrath
Casted purely through a furlong
A story of a sinful child winded by oblivion
Hinted by the sense , but always weak in math

Hour hand rushes through the ages
I observe the drifting silence
Across the glowing of the city's street lights
and a daily facade , everything changes

I sometimes wonder how can emptiness
be so pure in its divine form, yet
an atrophy to the living soul , for those
for some , for me and at times for none

Hour hand smiles at my fate
And whispers reality in its cold touch
She was everything once
Now her dreams echoes while I fade

A vague understanding of the past ,
But true to the innerself in the present
This fading soul prays for her best

In my own silent ways across the forlorn corners
I still pray for your best.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Route 66

It picks up through the rags once left,
Cold , unattended ,withered by the rusting red
Scabs of nothingness left for nothing except decay
Lying on the corner of a misplaced way
That eats the thought , kills the pain
Numbs the will , scarves the sane
A place far from black of the words
And bright of the day

Miles passed , not a tear that covers the face
Where did those smiles go, left without a trace
Now theres nothing but a silent pain to embrace
Between the years and a time that swayed
Walls scratched , diaries burned ,
Contorted conclusions , all pages lie unturned
Miles after miles of stark emptiness lying on its way
And a soul that walks through it all day

It resonates through these grayed everglades
An unasked breathe that slowly fades
A senseless message that the nervous system passes
All through the day , without a meaning , without a say
It kills the feeling ,kills the play
Reminding that this wrath is here to stay
A picture of a life that none can possibly portray
I sketch the dawn of all that went away. . .

Friday, September 17, 2010


A slow but steady drift , towards an unseen end
Sometimes it craves for a spiral beginning
Sometimes it breathes through those remains
That circles the motionless thoughts spinning

Why doesnt nature calls for a clear sky
And the blank space inside the mind
Became this blackhole by sucking all the whys
The rewind went somewhere else and so did time

The morning starts with a promise
But yields more illusions than the previous night
Is it just one soul or the lesser known sunrise
None to chase or praise , weakness speaks of this plight

Nights are doorway to more emptiness
Unlike a zen monk with clarity in his choice
But more close to that moth running away
from everything only to seek endless cries

Disclosure of a divine disconnect of fate
And dreams whisper "I am gone , I am gone"
The reality grows stronger as fallouts procrastinate
The melody went somewhere else and so did this song

This life has started shredding its skin
Shadows of parallel conclusions has started disappearing
No attempts can replace this cosmic win
Some are condemned right since the beginning

Key to find meanings in lost relics
Is just like asking falling feather from the high
Why does a conscious mind ever speaks
When its the only audience to its own demise

With each step a new horizon of black arises
Carpet is laid for every pain thats going to be endured
Someones up there must be rolling my dices
One can understand , a sick mind like this cant be cured

A dusted road with wind shattering the light
Wheels move faster towards the end of this horizon's sight
This soul can never cherish , a moment thats bright
My dreams died somewhere and so did I.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It permeates through the breathe we take
A subdued silence for the statelessness portrayed
Nothing yearns for a beginning as the day breaks
Cold inside for years as the thoughts cremate

Lifelessness within every inch of the name
Constricted soul held tightly for an unseen pain
Hollowed heart welded by these rusted remains
A defiant meaning , crying for someone to explain

There is a place that still pretends
It slowly speaks of the agony's end
Can it elevate this emptiness for the fragility to comprehend
Or just silently observe this atrophy trend

Eyes covered in tears looks through the day
And a head always bend down in dismay
Theres a pain , which may never go away
So I keep walking down this long road with nothing '
with nothing really to say . . .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fragile Left

It resonates through the words she said ,
into a past , this life so divinely decayed
And all those memories slowly played
To remind me, that we left it all so grey
Nothing touched her heart, but so I craved
Will today be the same , as the day we tried to save
Tears at both end dried with a plastic life that swayed
and deep somewhere in our own separate ways
We keep pretending , bitter thoughts hidden inside ourselves
we say to ourselves , let there be happiness at the other end
But the truth is so clouded, that we were once friends
Now rendered calm and silent, in time through a painful trend
I still see your picture through some closed eyes in pain
I see you smile and bring some heavenly rains
into a life , thats dead by heart where this desert remains
But its just fragile corner at the left of my brain
I wish you are happy to see me gone
And thats what makes me write this song