Friday, October 1, 2010

Route 66

It picks up through the rags once left,
Cold , unattended ,withered by the rusting red
Scabs of nothingness left for nothing except decay
Lying on the corner of a misplaced way
That eats the thought , kills the pain
Numbs the will , scarves the sane
A place far from black of the words
And bright of the day

Miles passed , not a tear that covers the face
Where did those smiles go, left without a trace
Now theres nothing but a silent pain to embrace
Between the years and a time that swayed
Walls scratched , diaries burned ,
Contorted conclusions , all pages lie unturned
Miles after miles of stark emptiness lying on its way
And a soul that walks through it all day

It resonates through these grayed everglades
An unasked breathe that slowly fades
A senseless message that the nervous system passes
All through the day , without a meaning , without a say
It kills the feeling ,kills the play
Reminding that this wrath is here to stay
A picture of a life that none can possibly portray
I sketch the dawn of all that went away. . .