Tuesday, March 31, 2009

V.O.B - Virginity of Bacteria

For a long time I have been observing this arrange marriage system. I dont wish to dwell on its intricacies , pros and cons and other polemic contradictions. All I understand has been chalked down in this poem that was inspired by the implausible similarity it has to a bacterial reproductive scheme.

This habitat deep inside the mind's crust
Our genetic ability to adapt an environment
The smiles we fake, in money we trust
Bank balance determining the moral intent

Status scale,reputation,perks of his vocation
Breeding fungus,breathing shallow
sidelining the truth, parental fermentation
Inside everyone is neat and hollow

Color of the skin,height and mother tongue
Endless excuses and stringent criteria
Just like the tapeworms inside a lung
Craving to corrupt the virgin bacteria

Dietary preference and matching stars
Paves way for those who gets that divine area
A progenic mayhem, this bio synthetic scars
Inordinate lust for that virgin bacteria

Fungus wedding fungus,gorgeous looks are bogus
Double the cell, this matchmaking circus
camouflage inner weakness, is the family lustrous?
copulation of trust, a hypnotic consensus

Is he famous? Is he is fibrous? What is his bonus?
Qualifications,medical conditions,this eligibility cactus
I watch and smile at these fake couples in cafeterias
Because everyone yearns for that virgin bacteria

Choices based on making others feel jealous
Love is a sidelined cloned fetus and dying locus
Love is a myth, depleted emotion, a viral hysteria
It fails the litmus test for that virgin bacteria

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
Theodore Hesburgh

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hope Surgery

This is my take on the sickest of social menace that is Child Labor. For so many times we have seen a small child as a sweeper in the train compartment floors,as a waiter in the restaurants,as domestic servants,as labor in the factories,as shoe polishers,as newspaper sellers and many more. Sometimes its so easy for us to sit inside our air-conditioned room , switch on the TV and say "this nation is going nowhere" while just behind us theres a small child cleaning our floors. Coming to the statistics part well CACL estimated that there are between 70 and 80 million child laborers in India alone. Poverty is the root cause of child labor but then my question is what is the root cause of poverty? There are many answers to it but from what I gather after all the intellectual debates fail and where all our sins intersect is our own surmounting ignorance and cold heart that renders such menace. I have seen people shouting at waiters over little amount of extra salt found in their food while just outside that restaurant, hungry kids eat the leftovers with the dogs. UNICEF cant do anything till we look inside ourselves and picture us in their place. May be then theres a bleak possibility that someday things will change.

Born under the cursed hands of time
I stand again as the chimney sweeps
My dreams were never really mine
Polishing shoes,I don't have time to weep

Born under a bloodstained manifesto
I'm exploited in the name of industrialization
I feed on your leftovers in the gutter below
I'm the snapshot of human rights violation

Born under a typical miscarriage
I'm growing up by stocking hate inside
My agony is BBC's bestselling footage
I'm the best source for photojournalists worldwide

Born under a stinking drainage
I can be seen as the domestic servant
My wage is lower than the price of a cabbage
My self-esteem quietly sleeps on the pavement

Born under a misplaced metaphor
I'm the youngest labor of the coal mines
Repetitive jobs and fatal conditions
I understand life better than the school rhymes

Born under a hurricane of adversity
I sell newspapers,matches and the flowers
My day starts and conclude at the streets
Sometimes I'm picked by the police and beaten for hours

Born under a stone-crushing memory
I live on cheap goods and society's deprivation
I'll die with nothing really to be sorry
As I'm the degree of your civilization

The worst thief is he who steals the playtime of children - Bill Haywood

Friday, March 27, 2009

Convex Mirror

This is the continuation of my previous work "Concave Mirror". The idea is we are all made up of elementary particles and follow every law of physics inside us. Once we die and our body decays and decompose, we all end up in that same elementary form that is the "quarks,electrons,positrons,neutrons" or you can just call it atoms. So if everything in our lives - living or non-living is made up of the same constituent and at the lowest of elementary level they are guided by the same laws of physics, then why we do even need a reason to appear different from each other in all aspects at a higher level.When I speak of aspect I'm generally referring to the usual anomalies like color,race,country,language,profession,status,caste and any such thing that keeps us blinded from the basic truth of our lives.

I personally feel that this poem will appear to make more sense if you read the Concave Mirror first. Concave and Convex Mirror are just two different types mirrors with their direction of curves inward or outward. So the light passing through both mirrors gets different bending and therefore when a person looks life through this same form of bending , one comes across an unavoidable reality. Thats what both the poems depict. Rest to say, theres a whole bunch of meanings you can derive from both the poems.
Thanks ! :)

Line by Line theres no wait
These dreams are just a red fallacy
The sunset writhes a drone serenade
This mind suffers a ceaseless atrophy
Chalkline rests between the metaphors
Yesterday still remains a shadow undone
Melody of the music is tomorrow's squander
The mirage burns under the desert sun

The blacksmith collects his broken swords
Like a potter whose life moves on his clay
I see a homicide of love among the birds
I see the priest has nothing really to pray
The beggar looks high up at the sky
Waits for his final day to testify
Feel the raindrops hitting the eyes
The child adds one more to his 'whys'
The tired widow implores for a change
The prisoner comes out of his exile
His world outside looks just the same
The soldier questions his orders all this while

Line by line these bleak thoughts provokes
a soul annihilation deep inside
my vision dissolves under the fumes of smoke
unifying the soldier and the child
Shadows of a lost yesterday
Is the architect of tomorrow's design
We are all lost in this desert highway
Behind both the mirrors,life reflects just fine

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Evan: Lets move now. Conrad must be waiting for us. We cannot just stand infront of this sidewalk and resurrect something thats never possible.
Jeff(looks down, closing his eyes for a second): I remember before even we started this firm , you said you never believed in miracles. But you do believed in doing the impossible. Dont you believe in it today ?
Evan(smiles): I don't remember when was the last time I believed in something !
Jeff(with moist eyes and heavy voice) : So you don't believe in me.
Evan(smiles again): I said 'something' not 'someone'.
Jeff(catching his voice): I got to know one 'thing' you still believe in.
Evan(looking surprised) : And what would that be ..J?
Jeff: You still believe in bullshitting around with your double standard nonsense wordcraft.
Smiles finally on both faces ...
Evan: Alright , gimme the keys. I'll drive !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inner Monkey

Jeff: You remember that Biology class during our ninth grade.
Evan(smiles) : Yeah how can I forget that class. I'm sure I pissed him off real bad.
Jeff: Pissed is even a small word. He went insane after he read your poem at the back of your homework copy.
Evan:He had all the reasons to be mad. He realized I mentioned monkeys to be better than humans and especially better than the homo-sapien who taught us Biology.
Jeff: Do you still have that poem ?
Evan: As a matter of fact ! I do. Here it is .. (:|)

Jumping over few leftovers, the dogma
Our evolution is merely a joke
We yearn for that sweet banana
Lying in the debris of lies, our lives chain-smokes

Angels with tails, no wings flaps here
Morality subdued , sidelined by the fear
Fighting over the past mythologies
Present is an oasis of cries, outcome of theologies

Snatching one's smiles from others
Trying to be better than the other, we suffer
Corporate sophistication engulfs this jungle
Survival of the sickest is our royal rumble

Politicizing free will by mastering the names
Democracy or Dictatorship , everything is the same
Medical breakthroughs by experiments of primates
Bending nature's law, mother smiles on our fates

Loving each other due to physical similarities
Assimilating wisdom on top of fake solidarity
Religion is just another reproductive cycle of faith
Nothing ever changes if we read Bible or Macbeth

Jumping from these branches of intelligence
We shrine on such traits of divine negligence
That greedy teeth, power and money hungry
I scratch my back , by this stoned epiphany

There goes my banana, my jungle, my lust
Its all me , self-obsessed center of the universe

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." - Albert Einstein


This is the most free style non-sense poem I have written so far, a little unlike the rest. This poem is solely dedicated to all my fellow dopers,the leechers,the pacifiers, the ecstasy mongers,the androids,the humanoids,the rectangles,the polygons, etc . In short the "high" brotherhood. This poem is typically a conversation of a schizophrenic individual who gets high on drugs and starts asking uncomfortable questions to himself simultaneously answering the corresponding questions. It doesn't matter whether you have ever been high on drugs or not , either way I guess you will find this poem funny :) !!!!

Who is to blame
It all began
I was young and very vestal,like a newborn petal,always free to run
Is he to blame
A vacancy of thoughts concealed
Every step that I take is another failure revealed,the wounds have healed
Easy to blame
That rich enterprise
Well you don't know in this hell,your flesh treasure,they sell me the paradise
No one to blame
I'm just lost inside
But may be you are equally lost with your burned up emotions that have dried

Is their no shame
No, theres nothing to hide
I see my salty grey visions elevated with a few drops of sulphide
Is this a game
No, life is never a game
But you turned it into a hell, painter monkeys, while you whispered those holy names
Is he so lame
No, I feel the rush
My will is hallucinated, watched the angels strip, but my conscience never crushed
What is his name
No, I have no name
I was not born outta conveyor belt with stapled plastic in my forehead for fame

What is the aim
I really don't have a clue
Every passing split second , my green boredom, my world so calm and blue
What do you claim
Just to feel alive
Blend on the balance,repugnance of tired pleasure, do anything to make the high survive
You are all the same
Yes , unlike the rest of the mass
Feeding on daily contempt, we have composed the bestsellers when we were shit high on grass
Do you like cocaine
Is there a doubt
I like anything that numbs me,sprinkles inner peace and gives me a neural blackout
Are you insane
Well I'm about to be
By your pathetic questions, your profound confusion,when I'm deep high on ecstasy

Are you in love
Yes with the opium and trees
I have been digging needles and chopping feelings, ever since she left me on an autumn's breeze
Was that enough
No nothing is ever enough
Desensitized to myself, this malfunctioned brain, Oh I see my childhood dreams just appear a bluff
Is life tough
Who told you that
Theres so much to cherish with all the smack,blood up in the head and a nirvana soundtrack
Theres God above
Go and convey my hello to him
Tell him , his son has an ocean of sufferings and he doesn't know how to swim

You are to blame
Yes you are right
I am just happy in this lost corner of the world where I see everyone fight
I'm just happy
I'm just
Fuck it
Its a Lie

“I believe in a long, prolonged derangement of the senses to attain the unknown. Our pale reasoning hides the infinite from us.” - Jim Morrison

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fatal Heredity

This is my attempt to cover another social menace of "Race and Caste based discrimination" that has been ground rooted for centuries. However its real cause of mass scale elevation was due to the foundation of eugenics and staggering amount of prejudice surrounding the science. Its one of the prime reasons for mass genocide that we have seen so often in the past. One of the most infamous and notorious result of such science was the Jews Holocaust by the Nazis in Germany during the Second World War. Guiding Utopian myths and other pervert conclusions are the primary reasons why we still see the presence of caste based discrimination and apartheid.
Further Reading & References :

They have tried to clutch it
rationally pseudo scientific
with every antithesis
like the Huntington's disease
like the concentration camps in East Munich
like moths in the lampshade
Craving for aboriginal fits

Darwin, he was a delusional imbecile
He digested anomalies in the name of bioethics
suggested a problem solving machinery
By casting impurity in the name of neuro-diversity
Genes have raised and we have seen them fall
hall of fame for the greatest genetic pitfall
inner fears from mixing mediocrity
Justifying genocide in the name of purity

"we cannot inherit the undesirable traits
your blood is filled with genetic defects
We better practice this holy incest
And purify our bloodline for all the ages"

the needle, that stitch fix
convenience inside, exterminate the interracial mix
pervert science, the archetype for caste
humanity gets hacked into pieces which forever lasts

there you go the priest and imams
the fascist mongers and minds filled with napalm
rendering a mural theme for the delinquent
their lack of conscience is so prominent
"thats my water,thats my river
you better do not touch or your hands will shiver
I'm your Catholic, I'm your Brahmin
Its in my blood that I'll always win"

Racists at work, improving the theory of pain
Their success lurks, as the times have never changed
Some remnants are still moving at large
Corrupting young minds with theories that are deranged

From the Romans to Roosevelt, from Hitler to Stalin
all loved human experiments to improve racial hygiene
Nothing worked as they were all delusional like Darwin
On the grave of mass segregation, our unity is a sin

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
Adolf Hitler

Embryonic Death

This poem is dedicated to all those young female infants who have been subject to brutal killings in the State of Rajasthan(India) due to a extreme gender biased society that is still so much prevalent there. And also their mothers who silently cries and suffers the extreme mental and physical abuse by the demonic male dominance even till today. Blessed be the souls of those infants and the tortured fetus.

Breathing through your deeper left
I'm feeding inside for hours
Watching every step you take
Carving every smile with scars
Moving like a wounded goose
The sick curiosity to know my sex
her womb is kicked when you booze
I cry for hours inside this place
What fuels your putrid mind
Am I really such a disgrace
Your hypocrisy is deep confined
these ancestors had your traits

I'm just a single cell larva
I haven't even seen your face
My mother's womb is your torture mecca
She is tired of your entire race
You are just a worthless soul
topper on this ignorance scale
I curse you, from inside this hole
I wish her fertility forever fails
How can you be my father
You willingly mocked your mother's cries
Are we all just a doormat to you
Does our heart seem a lie?

I'm just a single cell amoeba
I don't wish to come outside
To remain unborn is my greatest wish
The wind of hate blows on your side
I just thought I had the tool
That makes me look a little fragile
But you are so sick and cruel
You killed my sisters with a smile
How can you be my fucking father
You happily lost my mother's files
She needed a lift for her medicine
You made her walk these endless miles

Breathing through your deeper left
I'm your misplaced semen inside
You wished the semen fell of the bed
Than to burn me when I come outside

Monday, March 23, 2009


Humble conclusions awaits by the wind
Beyond the horizons , living by the sand
The small creatures lying by the driftwood
Moves diagonally over this promised land
Far away lives a messenger of initiated souls
He has a message ciphered in our five senses
Nothing bids farewell to this infinite scrolls
The axis of happiness lives in all three tenses

We are inside a quadratic equation
Whose constants weeps from our lies
The balancing acts of our ill creations
Scornfully takes this messenger for a ride
The iniquity of the moving clouds
Contorting senses of pervert desires
There is no such visions to be proud
I wish to set all the holy books on fire

Shadows of our distant forefathers
Wanders through the ages of sin
The fading moonlight around the quarter
Asking me can we ever win ?
Reminiscence of our self-betrayals
Pictures a perfect storm deep inside
Kill the messenger , the message is fatal
Its the mind, our sweet cyanide ... :)


Jeff drives towards the SHIELD facility which is about fifty miles away from Evan's home. Evan looks outside the window silently. The day drifts dark as the grey clouds cover the sun. He gets lost in the sight of a world moving behind him real fast and quick. Evan thinks about the beam9 project all this while when suddenly Jeff applies the brakes. Evan gets a slap back to consciousness.

Evan: What happened ?
Jeff: Look at the sidewalk on the other side. Do you recognize it ?
Evan(removing his sunglasses): Yeah ..it looks kinda familiar. Wait a second. Is it really what I am thinking ..
Jeff(smiles) : Yes Evan ..
Evan(smiles) : Its been what ..about fifteen years since we have been to this place. I remember when I first met Ariel. It was this same sidewalk. Same kinda cloudy day , moist in the air and kids playing around. And you were all busy planning an excuse for stealing your dad's car.
Jeff(smiles again) : You bet . I still can't believe myself I was such an ass back then. Dad bumped my ass and fucked my weekly allowance when I was busted. I was in deep shit but it was fun. The days were sweeter , time was bright and we both had a world full of dreams. I was infact tired of your geek ass jokes that you relentlessly cracked despite my severe warnings.
Evan: Yeah ..I loved witnessing that irritated face of yours.
Jeff: You know Evan !
Evan: What ?
Jeff: In all these years when our dreams came true ..with all the money,power,science and resource still theres a big vacuum that has been created deep inside us. If I have missed anything in the last couple of years is your sick jokes. Sometimes I craved for that same irritation. I used to sit alone and pretend that you are irritating me. And then I used to shout back at you with rotten slangs only to realize I'm just talking to myself. .... I mean why that moment went away and why did we end up with everything in our lives that couldnt possibly gives us the same smile that we had long back.
Evan: I dont know J. Sometimes things just happen. Before we even realize how its gona effect us, we get effected. Even I have tried to understand and debunk this same "why" only to encounter a series of blackouts and a life full of alcohol.

Jeff and Evan both stares at the sidewalk and the greenfield behind it falling upto the end of the horizon. Silence prevails more than their physical presence.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brother's Day

Jeff: What took you so long to open the door ? And what the hell happened to your face .. You were dead drunk again aint it ?..
Evan: Knock it off J .. tell me what do we have for today
Jeff: SHIELD has called in. They are looking for someone who can get them the main hive.
Evan(scratching his gun) : No .. J .. It was a long time back .. I gave up this shit years ago. I'm not coming back.
Jeff:Yeah ..I know ...could you just listen to me then ??
Evan: No I'm not listening to any of it
Jeff(softens his voice): Then just pretend that you are listening to me.
Evan(looks outside the window)
Jeff(continues): NEWROID's defenses have been breached. They say it was an inside job. However nobody has any credible evidence. Encryption is standard. No traces were found anywhere on the firewall or the IDs logs. Conrad thinks the files stolen were under the beam9 project.
Evan(in shock ) : What ... What is Conrad doing in SHIELD ?
Jeff: The board picked him. Ever since you left he was the only one who seemed qualified enough to handle SHIELD.
Evan(in a state of irritation): No wonder you have a breach of security now. Do whatever you feel like doing.You own NEWROID. Thats your box. I'm sorry I cannot be of any assistance.
Jeff: And why do you always forget to mention that you still own the other half of NEWROID.
Evan(seems tired): Christ ..not again J ..
Jeff: Evan ..please..we carved this empire from dust and scratch. Almost half the population of this planet survives on our products. Nobody knows we are the owners and run the show from the behind. You know very well the Beam9 project covers the most classified research details. Hell You started Beam9. It was all your theme. beam9 is the biggest gift to mankind one could imagine. You know that deep within you.
Evan(putting his head down): And beam9 is the biggest curse I rendered to myself ! Just hit Alt f1 on the keyboard. It will activate the mainframe updates. Lets move.

To be continued ...


New aspirations joins this earth
blindly descends towards a school
where bitter thoughts take birth
by the vice teachings of the fools

the barren drifts of the day
and swallow mansion of inability
to understand the life's astray
this morning sneers invisibility

In the everglades of delusions
I burn the candle of splendor
But the school has its own conclusions
what a cadaverous surrender

I dig through pagan symbols
Just to find remnants of serenity
To my utter disgrace it resembles
that same mansion of inability

Our mystery permeates the wax
The candle stands opposed
Enslaves the world with such facts
our failures have juxtaposed

The wind of atrophy is never felt
As it ignites the fire of convictions
So I search for light on orion's belt
This planet feeds on false predictions

This morning has nothing to claim
My silence suffers the wrath
So here comes another night of pain
Engulfing with all that we lack

The journey man smiles at me
Pointing fingers at my daily facade
This mind is a lifeless tree
This heart has begin to fade

So I embrace the painful night
But the candle never stops
May be someday I'll reach the light
May be oneday I'll feel the raindrops


Sound of door knocking !!

Jeff: Evan , ..get up . Its time. I have got your breakfast. We have got a long day ahead of us.
Evan (wakes up holding his gun and pointing straight to his head)
Evan : Tell me once again . Why there is another morning in my life ? Why cant these mornings just stop coming ? Tell me how I can make them go away ...
Silence(smiles) : Its very simple. Just dont surrender yourself to the nights.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Timeless Child

This is my first attempt to cover a social menace. A final no to the issue of child molestation. I personally feel the sickness inside a pedophile is untreatable. The stats are available with most of the NGOs and other law enforcement agencies globally that children who goes through such horror are often over taken by prolonged post-traumatic stress and other psychological disorders while many of them end up in juvenile homes and prisons when they grow up. Please read the poem only if you wish to feel the pain of a child who gets physically abused instead of witnessing endless love from all the corners of the world.

******* : Stop Evan , stop ! please don't you fucking do it , I'm sorry for what I did back then ..no please dont kill me ..I don't wanna die
Evan (pointing his gun) : Neither I wanted to die back then !

Painting on a white paper piece
These shivering hands holds the brush
Need the right color from my valise
You do it slowly theres no rush
Sitting like a cornered stone
Lost in lullaby of my dreams
Just learned how to spell 'ozone'
Few reminiscence of self-esteem

Then you happened on a dark new day
Holding my fingers with a father's touch
Helping me with my sketches
Behind your eyes lived that ugly lust
You whispered every word of faith
Wish I could understand your plot
Fading innocence in every breathe
I was your sweetest jackpot

Mother Mary dont you hear
I always did my homework in time
Jesus dont you see my tears
That crash upon the filthy chimes
Every moment turned to hour
Trauma inflicted through that pain
Did my best to resist your power
That white paper and those red stains

I was left crawling in the doorway
As you zipped and left away with pride
You knew it was my eighth birthday
The day when my childhood died
sometimes I lived in Prozac,
sometimes I needed morphine
Yesterday I came out of rehab
Tomorrow I'm turning nineteen

Mother Mary dont you see now
I have got a hand full of guns
Every bullet has your name
Every moment has your burns
I'm trigger happy as I can be
Found you drunk at August's bar
Between your eyes I placed the three
Jesus you pushed me this far

Painting on a white paper piece
These trembling hands holds the brush
Your death was my final bliss
I painted slowly , there was no rush !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Theory of Conscience

Silence : Have you ever wondered what lies between the right and the wrong , the good and the bad ?
Evan : Yeah . its called choice
Silence (smiles) : So whats your choice now ?
Evan (laughs) : Not to make another choice ever

Theres a silent foe that works for us all day long
Fuming whispers of faith is the sweetest song
Indoctrination through control of self-belief
Corruption of reality is what we can't perceive

Deception and lies , a systematic mind takeover
Apathy surges through the crimson leftovers

Trapped inside a dream nothing is real here
Guiding force of greed, what makes us all so clear
Enslaving us through a promise of liberty
Rising dust of voiceless and grim poverty

Deception and lies , a systematic mind takeover
Apathy surges through the genetic disorder

Theres a priest everywhere who promises redemption
Through vicious rituals and arsenal of damnation
Sinful as it seems , no one dares to question him
Rational thinking , logic wreaks fear to extreme

Deception and lies , a systematic mind takeover
Apathy surges through the wisdom of the older

Trade of self-interests is the only social cause
No guiding principles all philosophies are lost
All forms of ideologies, politics and endless pain
Theres fury in the land, false promises of heaven

Deception and lies , a systematic mind takeover
Apathy surges through the ignorant shover

Illusions of life, counter-enlightenment is here
May be it Allah or Christ, my truth is so unclear
The choice is silenced and consumed by prejudice
The gift of science is rendered for war not peace

Deception and lies , a systematic mind takeover
Apathy surges through this theological order

Theres a silent foe that guides us all day long
Invisible and invincible, right inside the sweetest song . . . :)


Drifting wind, moonlight theme
she wanders alone
Surging waves , land of green
her beauty has grown
As she walks through a tide of love
follows an unknown
Hiding fear, hiding grief
there waits a heart of stone

In her dreams she finds her peace
silence speaks here
As it seems she never sees
surpassing hope is near
Now she flies with her fairy wings
over this river of tears
A shadow casts to her springs
will she ever see the clear

Forlorn wait, the meadows dies
Echoes of silence rains
Thorns of fate, I pay the price
Whats left of rust and stains
Locked up gate, I 'm the shadow outside
And stare you fly over my pain

And stare you fly over my pain
Fly eternally till your wings burn
Fly till you hit the mirror of sane
Fly till you face the rays of my sun

Its in my ocean of wrath , my fairy you will learn
That there is a heart that burns for you to return

Monday, March 16, 2009


Evan : Hey did you see Ariel .. She looks all happy today. Appreciating everything around her. Thats the best thing I can hope for. Thats all that matters.
Silence : Yeah I can see her. Shes all lost in her dream world with her fantasies. Very soon she will elope her prince and forever will be in the arms of love. Thats a fairy tale ending isnt it.
Evan(smiling) : Yeah ! a fairy tale ending.
Silence : But ..
Evan : But what .. ??
Silence : But the prince isn't you Evan. Its not you. Its never you ! She is a fairy and she gets her fairy tale ending . Not you Evan ..not you
Evan : I have always lurked in the shadows ..I do not exist..you know that very well.. how does it make a difference anyway
Silence(smiles) : yeah thats also true .. nothing ever makes a difference anyway

Friday, March 13, 2009

Concave Mirror

Line by line there is a wait
Inside a dream of mine
Watching the sun slowly fade
Drawing the final chalk line
Shadows of a bright yesterday
Craves for them to be defined
Like a mirage of a desert highway
Lost demurely at the sands of time

Theres an old blacksmith who stares
A world covered by broken swords
I see a priest who lost faith in his prayers
I see a poet who cannot find his words
Theres a beggar I find in every square
Waiting for the final breathe with a smile
Theres a child crying everywhere
Theres a prisoner with an eternal exile
Trembling hands of a tired widow
Ceaselessly trying to feel her existence
Glaring through a hidden suffering below
A soldier fights life with perilous persistence

Line by line these bleak thoughts cremate
And discolors this dream of mine
On swarms where such visions dilate
I fear another red sunshine
Shadows of a bright yesterday
Reveals nothing but a vague design
They will forever fly over the same highway
Where the miniature of our sins align

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Dusk to Ashes

Jeff : I have been wondering was it worth all the hardwork , money and fame
Silence : Your life is worth everything. You are an asset to your country. You are an 'expendable' asset.

. . . . .

He sits on his couch after a day of dedication
Smokes a cigarette his constant medication
The fading sunlight filters through the window
And falls on his hands like a discolored rainbow

He shuts his eyes just to see something worth
Inside his memories till the moment from his birth
Asking a question to a soul that is departed
Exhaling his demise from every silent puff

From rags to riches he has conquered the world
With nothingness inside , a cold story unfurled
He silently griefs for the end of an innocent child
Long lost in the woods of a lost paradise

In the midst of sorrow lies an abyss of dark void
Dreams of tomorrow dies through a misplaced tabloid
Gold street lights glows what seems an empty night
Contorting visions of a crown less knight

A malignant fall on the highest peak of his of might
Encumbered throughout by disbelief in whats right
With no one to share and not much to gain
The sound of the truth by a voice rendered quite

The tears have dried beneath the rubble of desires
Like a sweet drug of solace that swiftly expires
Clinging to the memories his eyes slowly opens
To embrace a life on a fountain of quagmires

. . . . .

Monday, March 9, 2009

Extinct Soul

There is a one way street on a little left of the uphill
Where the clouds bring no rain
There is a ragged man who walks through the life's standstill
On this street time and again

Dying orchids witness a late autumn from the sky
Decaying leaves of imagination remains

There is a miracle that awaits in the forlorn corners of rust
For a mother watching her child in dismay
Looking on the lower window covered by a leap of dust
The humble sunset conclude another day

Fading by the moment the walls of wish chatters
Inside a castle of the ragged man's dream
Shinning on contempt the pieces of hope scatters
Through a conviction of futile redeem

There is a deserted coffee shop swirling a pale invitation
To a chromatic world of lost harmony
Ascending by the hourglass a touch of tale creation
On a note of broken symphony

Chasing the feeble thoughts the twisted rigs unfurls
Into a casket of silenced mind
A grim coldness in heart and sublime beauty of young girls
Scripting an art for the blind

Beneath the perils, the shadow of the child keeps moving
Asking the ragged man's ambition
Casting a stalemate , the emptiness keeps improving
My life undergoes the final transition

The Lost Navigator

Ariel : Why do you talk to my silence ? Is it not the exact place where you are not suppose to be ..
Evan : Ariel you know I'm deaf and I cant hear anything . I can't hear anything but your silence . . .


The sense of life swims on a river of thoughts
Sailing on a broken boat he ties the knots
Drowning forever he feels the absence of water
Echoing forever its her voices and laughter

He shuts his eyes against the drifting wind
Embracing a world that's shattered and sinned
The waves crash slowly against his will of mind
He tries the math just to turn back time

A quantum of truth quickly trembles his boat
On a vacuum of hearts and unread notes
He quietly obeys the grim departure
From his mind , the sunset and soul

His voyage to a blackhole of subtle revelations
Exploring her memories on extinct constellations
Falls to a land affected by an earthquake of love
With its epicenter in pain and dark skies above

The boat has crumbled and wrecked from inside
Yet he swims just to get a glimpse of her sight
Lost fragments of life welded through a stone
Its in her soul that he can find his home

Alter Halo

Digging reasons from the past
Eroding an ugly tale of thought
It wasn't like you thought it was
Shattered glass of a mirrored plot
Resembling every discolored sketch
You linger in the empty canvas
Assembling all the nameless pledge
You finger tip your greedy anxious
Freaked up to your every nerve
You hate to find any trace of love
Tearing pages you don't observe
Flying like a clueless dove

I am only here to wait
I can only live the night
I will chew the past to rest
For a better cause buried inside
All my words will complicate you
As I'm the ghost of your sight
I will never put forth an argue
I'm the snake that cannot bite
Freaked up to your every breathe
You treat my words like some trash
Messed up deep inside your head
All your thoughts collide and crash

You wish the past be dead and gone
You wish that you never faltered
You wish your past had a better someone
You wish that I never occurred

You wish the past be altered
You wish the past be ripped from the start
Watch me die as it plays backward
You wish my existence to fall apart


I'm filtering the broken bones
I'm listening to the filthy chimes of time
I'm buried inside the grave

I'm sitting on this fragile throne
I'm speaking to the stinking new enzymes
I'm trapped inside this cave

I'm hitting myself with stone
I'm cribbing with my shaky hands of crime
I'm wrapped by this wave

I'm living in this catacomb
I'm chewing my feet with every climb
I'm just a bonded slave

I'm willing to get me out of here
I'm raping my heart with every pine
I am sick being defeated fair and square

Come motherfucker - Embrace your darkness !

resident Zero

Nothing ever seems to fit
between the lines and your point of view
Nothing will ever seem to fit
As I lie , between the silence and you

You feel this life
from the gravels of a corned stone
There must be something that unravels
Inside the meadows of your unknown

Your hand feels the wind,
timelessly that has flown
Questioning an indelible stain
That lies inside the stillness when you are alone

You feed the mind
with a conclusion of your own
Like judging a book from its cover
Whose blank pages can be seen , from the eye of my cyclone

You need some answers
to unclench your fist of doubts
That relentlessly hide
Inside the nothingness of your shouts

Why life feels so incomplete
when you have all the reasons to smile
And you walk this one way street
While witnessing the last of your thoughts exile

What is so strange about your shadow
That drifts away from your path
You search the bow for that arrow
That painted this empire of scars and scratch

Nothing ever seems to fit
between the lines and your point of view
Nothing will ever seem to fit
As I lie , between the silence and you

Black Clue

A slave to the curse , you wish for the death
Exhaling all your sins, you take every breathe
Assimilating every thought, surpassing the remains
You found yourself atlast , trespassing the realms of pain

Chained by contempt , you live through your convictions
Regretting every moment, you feed through this conventions
A slave to the deep, you are blinded by faceless mutations
Inside you creep, embracing your cold and deceptive creations

Its buried inside you , the darkest of dark truths
A black reality keeps you blinded from seeing what you should
Your mind bears this burden as others craft savage conclusions
about you and your life , for them its all convincing illusions

So feeble as your heart, that looks dark without any light
A fragility of your shadows, speaks of voiceless plight
Engraved inside your questions, are not the answers of time
But traits of soul redemption , that your long lost mind can't find

Your wounds are natural, just like the decomposition of the dead
An unfolding neutral, is surprised by such artificiality of your hate
This curse remains catalyzed, deep inside your life constantly shatters
Like your facts lie paralyzed , untouched to the soul that matters

A wrath of fate , your wonders slowly conclude a wait
A close divinity within a borderline where nothingness dictate
Your slavery speaks in itself , finds the clue to a fallen piece
A dark enlightenment takes a birth , inside the womb of broken peace