Friday, March 13, 2009

Concave Mirror

Line by line there is a wait
Inside a dream of mine
Watching the sun slowly fade
Drawing the final chalk line
Shadows of a bright yesterday
Craves for them to be defined
Like a mirage of a desert highway
Lost demurely at the sands of time

Theres an old blacksmith who stares
A world covered by broken swords
I see a priest who lost faith in his prayers
I see a poet who cannot find his words
Theres a beggar I find in every square
Waiting for the final breathe with a smile
Theres a child crying everywhere
Theres a prisoner with an eternal exile
Trembling hands of a tired widow
Ceaselessly trying to feel her existence
Glaring through a hidden suffering below
A soldier fights life with perilous persistence

Line by line these bleak thoughts cremate
And discolors this dream of mine
On swarms where such visions dilate
I fear another red sunshine
Shadows of a bright yesterday
Reveals nothing but a vague design
They will forever fly over the same highway
Where the miniature of our sins align


Anonymous said...

some very soulful lines you got here.. :) keep it coming.. :)

Ragpicker said...

thanks for your kind feedback ! :)

nan said...

The realization of curving inside!
It kills doesn't it?
But then that is what is called life I gather :)

Ragpicker said...

Yes nan .. You spoke my mind <--big tight hug--> :D

Satans Darling™ said...

Applause.... ^:)^ ^:)^

Ragpicker said...

"dhanyawaad" all of you :)

Anonymous said...

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