Sunday, December 30, 2012

4 years

For all the years that swayed away
A drift towards an ever unknown I
Silently cried and smiled all the way

A last memory of your face
Painted inside my mind for timeless
Echoes of the past, I still hold
on to something beyond hope
beyond reasons
beyond all seasons

I walk everyday , like the times that swifts away
I become the time, the one who fades away
Wish I was a wind in the fade,
Wish I could reside in your every breathe

I'm the hands of the clock, that moves again
And again, in times of all the emptiness and pain
Wish You were a wind the fade
Wish you could see me inside this wait

For all the years that swayed away
Wish our memories could speak again
In our dreams and when we fall awake
And bring us together , for the old times sake

Happy Birthday M.