Monday, November 16, 2009

Into The Nameless

Into the nameless through a haunting silence
This clock hand ticks every moment
Rushing through the fading ages I fall
And I fall into an abyss of torment

Through a mask of sanity , this face has morphed itself
To a world that's dead to the heart,
To a heart that's unheard to oneself

Even fate smiles at this body without a soul
Like an emptiness that fills these lines
Like a long day that never seem to end
Like the sun , for some it never shines

Into the nameless through an year of unsaid separation
I still chase the wind that's blowing away from me
Sometimes I wondered what was right ,
Sometimes I tried to see what I couldn't see

But there are no dreams left to dream,
No more glory left to seek
This final fall has flipped me open from the heart
My aging hands have grown weak

Even destiny smiles at this wrath of my life
As it mocks the very purpose of my existence
Like some cornered dust accumulated below the window
Like a rusted prisoner serving a life sentence

Into the nameless, I have surrendered the path
That resides inside the truth of my sacrifice
For some it remains eternally buried
For some it remains just another set of lies

Into the nameless, I scream that name
Only to hear echoes of this silence
And a day that never came
This abyss is me , its all that remains . . .