Thursday, July 30, 2009


This an attempt to understand the relation between the intake of drugs along with computer addiction - especially in context to the development of Artificial Intelligence and artificial neural networks.

Something, can never change - fundamental paranoia
Living is not a disgrace that anyone should fear
Constant fear triangulation of the free will
But the word of wisdom sinks the other way
Died long ago , It sinks in more
Nothing will ever touch its face
It doesnt feel it , It doesnt see it
It keeps drowning in the aisle

Eye hole deep within the abyss of wrath sublime
One can never invoke a lifelessness this way
Curiosity made this world cross everyline
Now its stuck between the rock and the day

Someday, the day will change, fundamental dilemma
Will it ever reach the unspoken surface again
Distant cover , the insulation of mind keeps faking
But the word of wisdom falls the other way
Died long go, deep inside the core
Nothing can ever win this race
It doesnt want it , It doesnt hate it
It just keeps falling in the aisle

Blackhole deep inside the abyss of wrath sublime
Can we ever provoke a willful insight this way
Meaningless within every single conscious climb
Now its stuck again with nothing really to say

Something is really numb about,
Way the shores have cut the sea
Tranquilized to everything
Bitter cold in the lost mystery
This blinding paradox sulking within
This blinding paradox is never seen
It doesnt feel anything within
This irrelevance can never be a sin

Skull smashed deep inside the abyss of wrath sublime
Will it ever shatter the remains of another day ?
Hanging closely holding the hands of rushing time
We are just lifeless human clay

Friday, July 10, 2009

Alter Halo - Revisited

This is by far the most overwhelming period of my life since a lot is happening around me.The frequency of ups and downs are on a all time high. I always believed that I may never require to begin the Alter Halo series once again , but something happened with a dear friend of mine and I just think that it again fits into another poetic series. He called me up all in tears , his voice cracked and heart drenched. Just a few mins back , I got to know he faced the reality after 4 friggin years of illusion of this thing that we call 'Love'.

This new Alter Halo series is dedicated to him and a way to understand what he is going through.
. . . .

Picking pieces from the dust
And spreading around this floor to today
Making something without a thought
It was always doomed as they said
Holding like a dying shadow
I chase a wind towards this grave
Nothing ever seems too close
Nothing ever makes it safe
Crippling like a sinful child
I see you fear often too late
It wasnt like you made it sudden
This fallout was so deliberate

I am just a sidelined wreck
Without you, my world is grey
You are the rainbow for my mind
Which shines through a piece of clay
Holding on this shinning piece
I see a dream so lost and dead
Your face haunts me in my sleep
Your voice echoes inside my head
Drifting from the path of right
Your choices are so obdurate
My vision burns from your light
Theres dust upon both our fates

I'm just a worthless lover
I have always made mistakes
But my tears arent your cover
I did it all for your sake
You can walk away from here
I can never make you stay
So there is nothing for you to fear
That sinful child can keep on play
On a cradle of illusions you made this game
It was destined to fall someday
A last bullet where I scratch your name
Waiting for your time in dark dismay.

Love does not die easily. It is a living thing. It thrives in the face of all of life's hazards, save one -- neglect.