Sunday, July 29, 2012

Echelon Dust

Ascending towards an ever unknown
Withering glory, timelessly flown
He hears the sky burst into tears
Lifeless void surrounds to applause
As he wears the last king's crown

Reaching forward, eyes moist with
Rusted blood , those insatiable tears
Of the thousands souls fallen
He has none but himself to fear
A shaded grey path , crystal clear

Crawling his body above the stairs
Reaching for oceans of redemption
Is this how it ends ? Is this how it was started ?
Are we still inside the forgone inception ?

Skies turned violet and carmine,
At the top of a shapeless mountain
He stood there with a forlorn smile
Looking high above for a while

Waiting for an answer,
Looking for a clue
But the questions were a deep cancer
Diminishing his breathe in every view

Shimmering light from the sky calls for his soul
He falls for the warp inside
"Please take me away to the blackhole"
He cried,
"And take me to the other side"

Sunday, July 1, 2012


A mortal weakness
Insolent within a genotype
Of neural miniature
Covets of dissolution
Where the dreams die and strive

A withering memory
Blaze upon the fabric of disdain
Isolation feeding the soul
The soul feeds the pain
Scattered remains
Of a life that went in vain

A shapeless form
Bound to vessels of an abstract
Flocking together credulously
Reminding the body
That life is nothing but a parody
Distorted and carmine facts

A flawless script
I wrote for my own demise
With a timeless frequency
Waves of nothingness are so vibrant
Like seeds of lost and the broken
Planted deep when I was infant