Sunday, March 31, 2013


Some shades are hard to find
The ones that shields the broken
And the curtain falls slowly behind
Ending a life,that was never chosen

Silence for years renders the heart to stone
Waves of nothingness crushes
Upon the aisle of all that remains
I walk this lifeless city without a trace

Dreams echoes in the haunting wind
Coldness holds me tightly by the skin
Rusted and lost, I paint my world
Of scars and the heart I could never win

The horizon awaits for the falling twilight
I walk these deserted streets
Clueless, without a thought looking for your sight
Upon the street, Flows a river of my tears
Thats dried and long dead
And its all locked inside my head
All of the nothing that you said

I stop by this street and pick up a broken stone
It looks tired and dead by the bone
For ages it has been rusted, crushed and thrown
In a world of indifference, it has lived and grown

My gaze gets fixed on this stone
My hands tremor by this sight
Inside a forlorn corner of its ending
It reflects all that is me inside

Beyond this nameless oblivion
I still cherish the brightness in your life that has flown
While I grab the stone closer to my heart
and walk this lost city all alone

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Backyard Stains

Today , it makes it 4 years today since my first work was posted (Black Clue). It has been a  humble experience so far. In the journey, I was fortunate enough to make really wonderful friends here who are also readers and followers of the stains.

I thank all my reader friends who put their time and effort to read my work , send feedback and their heartfelt suggestions and encouraged me to improve my writing over the years.

While, time does not permit me to write frequently any longer,however I'll try to write a little every once in a while.

Everyone !