Sunday, December 30, 2012

4 years

For all the years that swayed away
A drift towards an ever unknown I
Silently cried and smiled all the way

A last memory of your face
Painted inside my mind for timeless
Echoes of the past, I still hold
on to something beyond hope
beyond reasons
beyond all seasons

I walk everyday , like the times that swifts away
I become the time, the one who fades away
Wish I was a wind in the fade,
Wish I could reside in your every breathe

I'm the hands of the clock, that moves again
And again, in times of all the emptiness and pain
Wish You were a wind the fade
Wish you could see me inside this wait

For all the years that swayed away
Wish our memories could speak again
In our dreams and when we fall awake
And bring us together , for the old times sake

Happy Birthday M.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Echelon Dust

Ascending towards an ever unknown
Withering glory, timelessly flown
He hears the sky burst into tears
Lifeless void surrounds to applause
As he wears the last king's crown

Reaching forward, eyes moist with
Rusted blood , those insatiable tears
Of the thousands souls fallen
He has none but himself to fear
A shaded grey path , crystal clear

Crawling his body above the stairs
Reaching for oceans of redemption
Is this how it ends ? Is this how it was started ?
Are we still inside the forgone inception ?

Skies turned violet and carmine,
At the top of a shapeless mountain
He stood there with a forlorn smile
Looking high above for a while

Waiting for an answer,
Looking for a clue
But the questions were a deep cancer
Diminishing his breathe in every view

Shimmering light from the sky calls for his soul
He falls for the warp inside
"Please take me away to the blackhole"
He cried,
"And take me to the other side"

Sunday, July 1, 2012


A mortal weakness
Insolent within a genotype
Of neural miniature
Covets of dissolution
Where the dreams die and strive

A withering memory
Blaze upon the fabric of disdain
Isolation feeding the soul
The soul feeds the pain
Scattered remains
Of a life that went in vain

A shapeless form
Bound to vessels of an abstract
Flocking together credulously
Reminding the body
That life is nothing but a parody
Distorted and carmine facts

A flawless script
I wrote for my own demise
With a timeless frequency
Waves of nothingness are so vibrant
Like seeds of lost and the broken
Planted deep when I was infant

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whispering a Secret

A black sky ascends, promising judgment
For an endless realm of squander and pain
Reeking a soul for a soul, nothing less
Symbolic arrival of the dark commander

Clouds scorched through the heat
Of a jarring sun, broken and stained
Hour hand hit another usual morning
A blackhole of void deeply entrenched

Winds blaze through the rusted plains
The soil casted by the lifeless philosophies
Claws of whispering death in disdain
Our self-deception is the commander’s trophy

Are we heading towards an eternal glory
And to what cost do we bear this
Earth has been mutilated and amputated
To a point of never return , commander’s bliss

Feeding a cancerous foundation of
Misplaced wisdoms through out  the civilizations
Commander prepares his whiplash
And smiles at the thorns of our abomination

We have injected a catalogue of distorted ambitions
Falsified, Morbid and Smoldering rot
Claims of dissonance in our faithless murals
And a reality burned alive, point blank shot

Bound to absolutely nothing, scaled beyond
Horizons after horizons the earth is raped
Depleted, Tortured and tormented every hour
Destruction awaits , silently at the 9th gate

Casement of slanderous initiations
A thousand ways to save our souls burned
Glimpse of our numbness and tranquility
At the hands of the time , pages have turned

Hear the skies burst , the volcano erupt
the quake and tsunamis , the grand master’s plan
Mother nature hails the black commander’s arrival
A much needed clean up job, the grand master’s plan

With thy commander , my allegiance stand !

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A silent and haunting note is whispered to the ears of living reality all day long.The source of this note is unknown. This note is prevalent ever since its inception. We all hear this note at the back of our minds with time but fail to embrace it. It is clouded by the echoes and resonance of all that is a part of our daily facade.With every passing seconds , it plays a role with time itself. If we place our minds to hear and understand this note , one may realize its gone beyond the infinity of time  and there is nothing more universally mysterious than what is heard from this note.

Indeed a dark and hollow symphony playing every cosmic events proportional to the individual's position subject to space time fabric. This note holds key to most of the locked and unanswered questions of our lives.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jarvis 4

We stood there witnessing an endless abyss of time that rushed through our collective subconscious , hinting a lonesome onset . Perhaps a calculative series of psychological safety measures inherited by the inordinate illusions prevalent in all our unspoken dreams. Beyond the oblivion these dreams flow without an apparent reason , without a soul and without a name. We embrace this resonance of unknown in our own subjective ways yet oblivious to the most obvious . Existence is random whose randomness is wider than a black hole that can wrap millions of suns under its dark wings.

Indeed , this world is just a fragment of ordinary perception like the above experiencing itself randomly.