Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morbid Echoes - A New Venture

Hi everyone. I hope you all are doing great in your lives. I have started this new blog called Morbid Echoes to keep myself venturing into black poetry that comes to me naturally. Though I have refrained myself from writing dark and negative poems for a long time , but I guess everything has its own reason of existence so I shall embrace it rather than ignore it.

Every now and then I'll keep putting up some real hard and distressing poem on this new blog. So whenever you feel like you need some real mind fuck be my guest at morbid echoes.

Love and Regards to all my readers!


Satans Darling™ said...

Hello Rag :)

That was aptly put across :P I don't need a mind fuck yet, but yeah I will keep visiting both your blogs :)


Anonymous said...

and what do we see here ??

Vinnie said...

if this is how u r meant to evolve, so be it !!

went thru morbid echoes, appreciated most lines - hard-hitting realities...will read it in a 'neutral' mental mode :P

Ragpicker said...

@ash : Thanks for being the first reader of Morbid Echoes. I'm glad that you liked the work over there. Would love your input as always.

@pratsy: hey , I guess you have already seen whats there :P. Without your input the work over there would certainly look like something is missing :)

@vins: I know it sounds rather unexpected considering the kind of conversations we have been through over the recent past , but I think without your kind reading morbid echoes will be some kinda lost echoes somewhere :)

Thanks everyone ...and wheres Nan these days ??? :O

Impressionist said...

gotta do what ur good at doing
dont stop! :)


Anonymous said...

You are a very smart person!

Anonymous said...

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