Friday, July 10, 2009

Alter Halo - Revisited

This is by far the most overwhelming period of my life since a lot is happening around me.The frequency of ups and downs are on a all time high. I always believed that I may never require to begin the Alter Halo series once again , but something happened with a dear friend of mine and I just think that it again fits into another poetic series. He called me up all in tears , his voice cracked and heart drenched. Just a few mins back , I got to know he faced the reality after 4 friggin years of illusion of this thing that we call 'Love'.

This new Alter Halo series is dedicated to him and a way to understand what he is going through.
. . . .

Picking pieces from the dust
And spreading around this floor to today
Making something without a thought
It was always doomed as they said
Holding like a dying shadow
I chase a wind towards this grave
Nothing ever seems too close
Nothing ever makes it safe
Crippling like a sinful child
I see you fear often too late
It wasnt like you made it sudden
This fallout was so deliberate

I am just a sidelined wreck
Without you, my world is grey
You are the rainbow for my mind
Which shines through a piece of clay
Holding on this shinning piece
I see a dream so lost and dead
Your face haunts me in my sleep
Your voice echoes inside my head
Drifting from the path of right
Your choices are so obdurate
My vision burns from your light
Theres dust upon both our fates

I'm just a worthless lover
I have always made mistakes
But my tears arent your cover
I did it all for your sake
You can walk away from here
I can never make you stay
So there is nothing for you to fear
That sinful child can keep on play
On a cradle of illusions you made this game
It was destined to fall someday
A last bullet where I scratch your name
Waiting for your time in dark dismay.

Love does not die easily. It is a living thing. It thrives in the face of all of life's hazards, save one -- neglect.


PULKIT said...

The narrator of the story had a very poor image of his own self but his confessions and cries were realistic and sensitive!
It seemed throughout the course of verses that the narrator knew the end!

well written!
I am a big appreciator of all the rags here in this corner of blog world

Anonymous said...

Hi Ragpicker! Long time.. I'm really sorry I've been terribly busy the past few months. Hope you're doing well. Lovely post, and help that friend of your's refrain himself :)

Satans Darling™ said...

I hope your friend gets over this soon. It's a nice dedication. Love is indeed an illusion which fades away with time, it's respect and understanding that matters because it stays forever.

Ragpicker said...

Hey pulkit, dude I appreciate your appreciation ;) . You are probably right on the part where you say the narrator knew all the time at the back of his mind what was the eventual result. Thanks for your kind feedback again.

ash : I hope that he gets over it soon cuz he is also at a critical point in his professional career. I just hope that he doesnt fuck up his career because of a failed relationship while considering he is quite a competent and intelligent chap.Not just love , infact in my personal opinion everything in our lives is all just a big illusion. Thanks for your patient reading and kind concern again !

@sonya : Sonya , Sonya my dear Sonya.... I thought you got lost or vanished somewhere without a trace are you doing these days ??? I am so happy to find you back to the online world once again .... I hope everything is fine at your end. Take care and keep in touch. and thnks for the kind feedback. My friend needs a little focus and composure and he will be back to his best ! :)

Thanks again all of ya