Saturday, May 2, 2009

Backyard Series Special - Part 1

According to numerology my life path number is 9. So I prepared the backyard series based on an esoteric pattern. Every poem has more than one meaning , which most of my regular readers have honestly conveyed this to me. I am glad to have such wonderful and intelligent readers. May be thats why I have a very few regular readers but great ones I must say. These poems all open to interpretations.I decided to put a surprise for all of you. I'll begin with deciphering the first part of the backyard series. Collecting some lines from all my previous
poems creates one whole poem that will seriously take you for a ride :) .

I started this blog on the 9th day of the month of march but you can see in my profile it was registered back in Jan. Since 9 is perfectly divisible by 3 and also squareroot of 3 , I decided to start publishing on March instead of 9th of Jan or Feb.

Black Clue = no of letters = 9 :: posted dated 09/03/2009 Lets just consider the day of the month.

My first poem was Black Clue that can conveniently name the whole set of poems if they are piled together in a single album. Lets begin fitting the pieces together :

Its buried inside you , the darkest of dark truths (Black Clue)
Nothing ever seems to fit (resident Zero)
between the lines and your point of view (resident Zero)
I'm wrapped by this wave (X.11)
All my words will complicate you (Alter Halo)

The waves crash slowly against his will of mind (The Lost Navigator)
He tries the math just to turn back time (The Lost Navigator)
There is a ragged man who walks through (Extinct Soul)
the life's standstill
On this street time and again (Extinct Soul)
Encumbered throughout by disbelief in whats right (From Dusk to Ashes)
With no one to share and not much to gain (From Dusk to Ashes)
Line by line there is a wait (concave Mirror)
On swarms where such visions dilate (Concave Mirror)
Forlorn wait, the meadows dies (a-Void)
Echoes of silence rains (a-Void)

Indoctrination through control of self-belief (Theory of Conscience)
Corruption of reality is what we can't perceive (Theory of Conscience)
Painting on a white paper piece (Timeless Child)
These trembling hands holds the brush (Timeless Child)
In the everglades of delusions (Mytherion)
We are inside a quadratic equation (Fatal Heredity)
Jumping from these branches of intelligence (Inner Monkey)
We shrine on such traits of divine negligence (Inner Monkey)

A vacancy of thoughts concealed (Paralyzer)
Chalkline rests between the metaphors (Convex Mirror)
I understand life better than the school rhymes (Hope Surgery)
Behind both the mirrors,life reflects just fine (Convex Mirror)

This habitat deep inside the mind's crust (V.O.B - Virginity of Bacteria)
Promising me an empty space (Mortal Halo)
The snake tightly holds this red canvas (Final Halo)
I have nothing much to confess (Final Halo)
I haven't even seen your face (Embryonic Death)
The chase for the meaning is the collage of space (The Abstractist)
Origins of life makes every move without a trace (The Abstractist)
The soul lies in dreams with a cosmic resurrection (The Abstractist)
Into the crater of nameless , the peaceful ways (The Abstractist)

I have not added one poem which was out of the scope and the original concept - Sifar. Sifar was not a part of the entire set as it came to me as a surprise.
Rest there are other formidable combination of different lines from all these poems that can create another single poem. I hope you will like this type of ciphered poetic series. Thanks everyone

Ragpicker ! :)


nan said...

U are the king of compilation (be it of any sort) !
Any sort of appreciation will only be too small for such stupendous work :) :) :)

I dint dissect this one since most of the lines were already picked by me :D

Satans Darling™ said...

Accept a bow man! I read every line and then went..."Ohhh...Yaaaaa.. WOW!"

But I need to read it once again to believe that I did not spot it at all! What a pleasant surprise! I loved it!!!!

Vinnie said...

heyy Rags!

how on earth did u manage this???its like shaking n shuffling a whole lot of tiles from earlier mosaics and then just throwing them in such a superb way that a few tiles form a whole new mosaic!

did u at any time earlier think that u would later on do something like this...premonition?? :)

yeh 'cipher' aur woh 'Sifar' dono ka sound same hain...mila do:)

honestly, i dont think i could do that ever...u r a genius, man!

no more words...

Ragpicker said...

@nan : Thanks and yeh I do remember some of the lines were already picked by you. I aint no king or anything plz :P ..just the backyard trash collector ..thanks again

@ash : Nice to have ya back ! I'm however wondering how come you missed the Final Halo of our Halo series. :( ???

I'm so glad that you liked it. Thanks buddy !!!

@vinnie : Yah I always had this idea of creating a ciphered poetic series before even I started this blog. I love playing with perceptions and you know that so well about me isnt it ... :)
I gotta say again - genius is the one who gave us the world of illusions. I am just here to find a few. Please we are all on the same boat as I said this to you last night :)

Thanks again everyone !!!

Satans Darling™ said...

Oh dumb me... Let me conveniently blame the sever cold I'm suffering from :P And going back to read it again now!