Monday, May 4, 2009


Water , do we remember , the condensed purity
Sugar water , do we remember , the distilled impurity
Holy water, do we remember, the evaporation of mind
I dont remember , the infant vapors strikes the blind

Water that flows with an elementary reason of life
Spirals of unresolved thinking patterns cuts like a knife
And falls upon a distributary of flowing confirmation
Our prime consciousness is another subconscious precipitation

Another subconscious precipitation takes the elevation
Paving way for further inspiration , sweetness in revelation
Infinity in a non-linear flow , segregation of preconception
From the river of conventionalism , choice is an illusion

Choice is an illusion, call it a sugar free destiny of soul
Like the polarities of ambition, the imagination it beholds
Washing over the land of myth, a substance sparks alone
That guides us on this immortal journey, density of the unknown

Water, yes we remember, the condensed purity
Unquote , the memory , the distant clarity
Quote, the paradox - everything is left behind
Portraits of waterfalls , this mural and my third eye blind

You have many years ahead of you to create the dreams that we can't even imagine dreaming. You have done more for the collective unconscious of this planet than you will ever know.
Steven Spielberg


Vinnie said...

Water - pure, eternal and source of life...this was my idea till now...BUT here i find Rags refering to water in his typical style.
Rags claims to be a Ragpicker collecting trash. BUT, i am sure that there r gems of purity emanating from this Ragpicker.

ur third eye isnt blind btw..all lines form some flow n i have envisioned the flow my way..let that be!

thank u for sharing this expression!

nan said...

Our prime consciousness is another subconscious precipitation

Killer of a line this is.

The poem flows like the ganges. Gathering every bit of dirt yet flowing with its pristine powers.
Great stuff as always Rag!

nan said...

An not to forget the quote from the legend himself !

Satans Darling™ said...

You leave me spell bound every single time buddy! How I wish I could use the most appropriate string of words to form something so, so very true and beautiful!

Ragpicker said...

$vinnie : Hey thanks for sharing your insights on this poem. Glad that you liked it ! And yeah you are kind of right when you say about third eye blind ...I can say the third aint completely blind but rather suffers fro myopia :)

$nan: I remember taking a bath in the Ganges once under the impression that it shall purify me and forgive my sins :P .
Thanks for sharing your feedback.

$ash: Glad you liked it ...even you leave me spellbound sometimes when I visit your blog. :) Thanks again !

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Your name attracted me to your blog 'RagPicker'
Then your profile said you are from United Kingdom, it made me curious

Your Header Impressed me....
And you words, the poetry made me go flat!

I am your fan..!

Who had ever seen the Water's perspective this way before?
The RagPicker Did...

Iloved this lines..
Choice is an illusion, call it a sugar free destiny of soul

Ragpicker said...

Thanks for visiting my trashzone Rushabhh. Glad you liked the work - welcome to the Backyard !