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What a man believes upon grossly insufficient evidence is an index into his desires -- desires of which he himself is often unconscious. If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way.
Bertrand Russell

For quite sometime now I have been witnessing an endless stream of elections related posts/debate all around the blogosphere. Quite expected but nothing unusual. I dont deny the facts and statistics put up by the people and it looks like everyone has some kind of opinion about it. There are groups who says to vote to give the right candidate a chance , then there are others who remain indifferent because they certainly feel even voting the right candidate wont make any significant difference as in the longer run even that candidate is going succumb under the relentless pressure by the corrupt system and then there are those who wish to promote negative voting.

Difference of opinion is healthy but problem doesnt lie in our difference of opinion. While I'm assuming readers and writers over here have a decent amount of insider knowledge about India as a country of the 21st Century , I believe still the level of intellect required to draw a substantial and robust solution to the long pending problems our nation is lacking. This is quite evident when you see the current condition of the country where Pizza Hubs and International Burger Giants have penetrated inside every metro and comso cities yet theres a quantum leap in the starvation related deaths. The economic disparity and the wild split in socio-economic conditions is primarily because of the same problem of level of intellect. Despite endless measures, staggering passage of 5 year plans and unequal distribution of benefits shared by the mass because of our ever growing economy yet for more than sixty years we have been accumulating problems after problems without permanent remedy. Today's problems are because of yesterday's short sighted solutions of the same group of intellects. I dont blame them because to a certain point even their minds and hands are tied infront of the bureaucrats and corporate powerhouses who are the real show runners behind the curtains of democracy. We have been beating around the bush while miserably failed to see the bigger and greater picture that lies ahead of us all.

I wish to present certain facts which are upto you to understand from an unbiased standpoint. I dont mean to preach an outsmarting insighter with infallible rectitude but rather consider it just another point of view about everyone else's point of view. I'm not asking you to believe me outrightly neither I'm standing as a potential candidate from any place. You can interpret whichever way you want and I'll be more happy to get a criticcal feedback than a common standing response. But do it from a rational and open minded approach. Thats all I request to the readers.


One's first step in wisdom is to question everything - and one's last is to come to terms with everything.- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

When I say beating around the bush and failing to see the bigger picture is the real problem what do I exactly mean ? I'll put a short context from our very own Writer's Lounge Blog. A person writes in his blog
What has happened to the terror strikes?? Is the security and intelligence network working over time or may be politicians have signed a confidential and secret ceasefire with them.
Of course it will cease to exist once the election ends??( i hope this is nt true)

I will say that the question is rather sarcastic and least explainable howe ever has some truth and weight in it. Now here goes an equally good reply from another reader

Terror strikes don't ask security or intelligence agencies of the target country weather they're prepared or not - recent attacks in Orissa,Chattisgarh,Bihar and Jharkhand have shown the loopholes again shown in the establishment, in the words of the BSF chief:" No prior intelligence on the attack of around 300 armed Naxals is a failure on our part"

Well the answer is quite specific in nature however not pointing towards a possible conclusion or some definite solution either. I'm sure both the question raiser and the person with the answer have a strong view points about their understandings of terrorism and Indian politics but least aware to the fact that terrorism has more to DO with our socio-pschyological apathy than with the failure of intelligence. This whole conversation is a snapshot of what has been going on since the last 60 years in our nation. Even people who have read my comments in several nation/terrorism related posts have witnessed that they are Just a posts in itself rather than a comment. I can even keep speaking endlessly about terrorism and extremist agenda as I have closely worked with several Intelligence agencies in the past. But does that mean my understanding of politics and terrorism is greater than yours. From the eyes of an intellectual the answer is invariably going to be yes but from a deeper epistemological point of view the answer is certainly 'No'.

Asking intelligent questions and carving equally good answers is the first and last stage of problem solving metholodogy we have. Our nation has no shortage of intellects but they all are fundamentally debating the wrong issue while ironically both of them stand on valid grounds. This whole concept is based on Edward De Bono's "How human race didnt learn to think at all". Another possible good read is "I'm Right You are Wrong by the same author. Just ask yourself this much that "If our nation is considered as one single person " then dont you think he/she suffers from pshycological disorder ?

We are trapped inside a cube of problems and thinking/debating within the box itself. All the sides of the box contains a particular consensus of certain groups and very much incongrous to the others. None can see the cube as a whole because everyone is so much entrenched on their own conclusions based on information given to them by others and passed along for generations.
This is all because we lack serious parallel thinking capabilities as well as giving chance to the inner self to find the right answers rather than arranging tones of data and information from different media sources and other public libraries. No one really understands that the objective of the arguments is not to prove a point or squash the differing party completly but rather be open minded enough to accept and progress. Theres always a debate like this :

"Hey this blue bench is my side and that red bench over there is the losing side". Thats it !

The problem is our minds are well controlled while thoroughly mis guided by the same elements who run the government. By govt. I dont mean the microphone banging netas and hardcore criminals but the sophisticed corporate tycoons with immense control and influence over the cabinet. A poor famer has no clue of what provisions he has been granted by the Constitution and neither an average middle class who votes has any clue about the reality of the candidate except what the media potrays about the candidate. Neither the media has any clue of what they are broadcasting is of any substantial relevance to the actual progress and awareness of the nation. This may sound outrageous and highly improbable to you but you will see it in the following sections how probable and highly possible it is. So the final question comes where is this thing going anyways ?


There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings. - Dorothy Simpson

I dont disagree that its our own indifference that lets these rotten political elements find a place in the cabinet but more importantly problems of 60 years cant be just fixed by voting a political party that will again get allied with some other party to find a place in power. Again the vicious circle of progress will take place and people will keep pointing fingers at each other due to the extreme self-righteous perspectives based on whatever they have concluded to their convinience and intellectual desires.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not their facts. Wisely said so by someone in the past and quite certainly applies to everyone of us. The same goes for our country as a single person. India is entitled to its own opinion but not the facts. So let me place a few list of so called 'facts' of our nation among many others which I have already mentioned in one of my comments in the past.

1. India's total external debt as of march 2009 = $230.85 billion
Total declared assets of all the politicians = $237 billion

2.Official unemployment exceeds by 9%.
GDP growth 9%
Inflation 9%
The workforce in regular employment 9%

3.Truckers pay annually $5 billion in bribes across cross state borders.
Total assets of government officers in cross state borders
= $5 billion

4. 1.6 % of the population are HIV positive = The stolen electricity amounts to 1.5% of GDP

5. 12,539 terrorist-related fatalities
people died in official custody in India over the past 15 years alone is 45,000
You still fear Al-Qaeda and LeT ?

6.The competence rating of India's doctors is below Tanzania's

7. Only 13% of sewage is treated
No of employees who had vocational training and SOME LEVEL OF FORMAL education in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare = 13 %
Total percentage of money spend on sewage treatment of the total funds allocated in the last 5 years = 13% is funded by the same corporate powerhouses who funds the prime political parties here.


Do we have a clear and fair accouting of
1. Where the tax is invested ?
2. Details of rise in oil prices
3. Details of funding the personal expenses of the cabinet
4. Third party audit of RBI( Yes RBI is another privately owned institution contrast to the popular belief that its held the Government)
5. National Security Infrastructure

and the list goes on but still this can be a better place to start on a positive note to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
We need a complete overhauling of the system [that includes preamble to the Constitution , economic ideologies (the mixed economy shit never works and will never work , neo-capitalist trends will result in greater economic depression as it is completely at the mercy of bankers in wall street) , social structure and many more.

Hell 80% of the population cant even name 10 basic fundamental rights they have.

Please verify the data and stats from wikipedia , indian govt websites and google. I dont watch 20/20 in my past time !!!


"What controls the past , controls the present. Who controls the present controls the future" - George Orwell.

All those stats given above is a well crafted and well calculated strategy of the same group of people who controls the government. In a more cynical term we call it 'The Shadow Government'. These are group of rich elites who owns almost everything in our country without any drop of exaggeration here. Right from the RBI , Judiciary , Legistative , Mainstream Media , Education Boards , Consumer Goods , Heavy Machinery Industries , Medical Science , Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics , Agriculture and you name it they own it. Ownership doest mean manually owning the last labour but controlling/influencing those who are at the top of the power hierarchy. For example :

a.In order to enter a War with a foreign nation you dont need to convince the captains,majors,colonels etc. Just get hold of the Defense Minister, The Defense Chiefs and the Cabinet with a artificially created threat that sounds very much a real cause of problem for the country and you will see how many soldiers will give their lives just under the believe that they died to protect the country while in reality they died just as a means to an end for some political nutjob agenda (classic example - US invasion in Iraq)

b.Inorder to create a false of threat a mass propaganda is mandatory. How do we acheive that ? Just control that which controls what public gets to know and what doesnt. The owners of the mainstream media. The Information & Broadcasting Minister and the private news channel owners need to be influenced and benifited and you will see how people are hyponitized so pervasively. If media reports theres a terrorist attacks on a place X , then people starts blaming the govt and intelligence for the attacks immediately.

Have you ever wondered that may be this is the exact thing that your govt. want you to think and believe ?

c. You control the education system and you control the national progress. Isnt it funny when we see all the major inventions in the Software Industry mostly happens outside the country while our country is the pioneer in Software Service solutions. This is just a subset of what really happens at the top education scheme. Our brains are made to think from the left hemisphere which mostly deals with logic , structure , organization , discipline and obedience. One (the right brain) is visual and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture then the details. The other (the left brain) is verbal and processes information in an analytical and sequential way, looking first at the pieces then putting them together to get the whole. The whole education system is designed on left brain scheme where people's creativity has no place in the society and most of the times is subject to harsh criticism if it does not supports the person's living. Everyone is trained to fit the corporate jungle where they are nothing but zombies carrying wages in the name of salary , made to think of factories as offices, not encouraged to think independantly and most of the times working for the filthiest Multinational Corporations is a dream forcefully injected inside the mind during the later college years.

Doesnt that makes sense ? Why will any person or a CEO want another batch of new CEOs in the market ?

d. Do you think farmers commit suicide because of lack of food or because of lack of "purchasing power" of food ?

e. Monetary economics - Money created out of debt results in more debt. Since this can fill a thick book altogether I'd like to shorten it up by refering a very genuine and short documentary : "Zeitgiest Addendum". Find it in Google Videos. Its there.

The purpose of this first part was to elevate your point of views from the past debates inside a viscious circle to a greater level understanding of our nation as a single person. Assimilating all the problems and classifying them according to their apparent characteristics has become a primitive approach these days. I'm looking forward to see whether people over here actually work on debunking the real conspiracy thats going on for years to keep us blinded from the most shocking truths of our nation and its emerging relations with the Global political powers to create a One World Govt. under the covers of democracy but in real a Totalitarian system with a kind of tyranny never seen before. (Please do your research on this and you will get to know what I'm talking about)

Thanks a lot.



Harish Krishnan said...

Hi Ragpicker,

Congratulations! Your post has been selected by BlogAdda as one of the top posts for this week's 'Spicy Saturday Picks'.

Ragpicker said...

Quite unexpected since I have been busy debating a very nice & intelligent but stubborn chap from the Writer's Lounge about his claims of debunking the post. :)


Vinnie said...

Rags, quite some task u have given:) though i would need time...n yes, congratulations on being chosen into top posts...this way a whoe lot of folks will be debunking n 'knowing' at least the tip of the iceberg...its a sign..keep it up!

Ragpicker said...

Thanks vinnie ... and dont consider them as tasks rather wheels to truth :P tkc :)

nan said...

First of all lemme tell a huuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeeeee sorry for not having read this that very day when it was posted.
I needed some time to read this in depth and understand at least a part of it. Only today i found the right time and place. 4-4.30 pm @ ofc :D

Cuming to the article.

Man how long did u spend researching and writing this ? :-o

That was some useful piece of work :). And I understand that useful things do not attract attention. (I mean only 2 comments so far)

"I can even keep speaking endlessly about terrorism and extremist agenda as I have closely worked with several Intelligence agencies in the past"

:-o dumbstruck

Third party audit of RBI( Yes RBI is another privately owned institution contrast to the popular belief that its held the Government)

That is *SOME* info!
But i came across this at the RBI website

*Though originally privately owned, since nationalization in 1949, the Reserve Bank is fully owned by the Government of India.*

Great write on the whole! (AS ALWAYS)

nan said...

And congratulations for the top post thing :) though i reckon u wont care a damn for that he h e :P

Ragpicker said...

@nan : Hey nice to get your feedback at last. Nothing to be sorry about dear gave it a genuine read and a decent feedback as always! couldnt have asked for anything more..

Coming to the article I did spend sometime getting the stats and figures but doesnt matter - you know sometimes I'm really bored and jobless :P ..

"I can even keep speaking endlessly about terrorism and extremist agenda as I have closely worked with several Intelligence agencies in the past" -- ignore this part -- its sheer junk :)

RBI is not as clean as it seems and theres a lot of dirt inside it just like any other govt. department.