Monday, April 13, 2009


I have always wondered about certain aspects of life through the view points of multiple people around me. Somehow they all seemed to be correct even if it was proving my thoughts to be equally correct but also wrong at the same time. I encounter certain insights every once in a while and I just thought to share a few based on various subjects.

If anything that claims to set us free is not the truth,for truth never sets us free but enslaves us forever under a never ending curiosity to know more truths and sometimes more than one truth.

Life is like energy. It is never created nor destroyed. It only transforms itself from one form of life to another.

Love is the only emotion that does not obey Newton's third law. Every action you take out of love should not expect an equal and opposite reaction.

Just a state of the mind to keep us blinded from our own infinite consciousness.

A doubt so profound that it needs to be believed.

The sweetest excuse to end lives in the name of patriotism.

The most profitable trade in the history.

The book written by individuals who for once in their lives believed that nobody else understands the difference between whats right and whats wrong.

Anything that makes information appear as knowledge and knowledge appear as wisdom.

Just a reflection of things we dont like about ourselves.

Something that can never be taught.

The only religion that exists or ever existed is right inside our mind. Sadly most of us are made to believe that it lies with a holy consensus which by virtue is a myth , by appearance is a name and by reality is fake.

There is no shortcut to peace. And the long path is unavoidable without doubt.

The name given to the emotion that guides us in making the most difficult of choices in our lives.

The shield that protects our false inner perceptions from the touch of knowledge.

The first hint that our imaginations are indeed real.

The biggest dogma ever. Its the most misunderstood motion. There is no time. No past , No present and no future. The whole life is a now that is just witnessing and experiencing all thats avail able for us one after another.

The playground of the most disorganized minds.


nan said...

A blend of science, and slapstick :P
I was lolling at certain points while some others are still lingering in my mind.
Great work Rag!

The name given to the emotion that guides us in making the most difficult of choices in our lives.*

^ Highlight :)

Anonymous said...

Last one was just wow !!!! so true for all of us ;) On a serious note, i just loved all of these.. can not put it in a better way !! can i use the definition of FEAR for my next post plz ??

Ragpicker said...

@nan: I'm curious to know which are the points that made you lol :P ! thanks for sharing your feedback

@prats: Thanks for reading and I'm honored to see this post to be linked in your blog :) . You can use the quotes anywhere and the way you want. They are meant for that :)

he he

thanks again both of you.

Anonymous said...

just wanted people to read something good !! hope atleast some will show up before i change it ;)

Vinnie said...

hey the ghost who crawls...u r quite ancient!
u seem to know everything :)
ruminating on them ...again..n again...u rock, Rags!

....based on definition of ART, so 'Artists r mentally disorganised players' - u know me so damn well, man !!

P.S: wont u invite me to the 'kymatica' blog?

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

dat was cool!!! n HIIIIII

nan said...

A doubt so profound that it needs to be believed.

He he that is good enuf for me to lol about :P

Ragpicker said...

@prats : thanks for such kind gesture ! See I got a new follower cuz of you. Thank you so much for making people read my stuff ..couldnt ask anything more. tkc

@vinnie : I'm ancient and I student of epistemology. I always follow one single principle - "I'm the wisest man alive for I know nothing" said by Socrates !!! :)

Yeah art really is for the disorganized mind , cuz creativity is the opposite logic and the soul of inquisitiveness.

My email is fallcraft-at-gmail. Send me a mail and I'll add you there. Kymatica is still not complete. Will update it soon.

@nan : You see I'm all busy these days finally. ..I'm no more jobless :P ...

@kochu : Thanks for visiting and welcome to the Backyard !

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! truly original description... and that too such thoughtful ones :)

This post was really such a source of inspiration, just what i needed today

I liked the one about God the best. Its so, so true.

Keep writing!