Sunday, July 1, 2012


A mortal weakness
Insolent within a genotype
Of neural miniature
Covets of dissolution
Where the dreams die and strive

A withering memory
Blaze upon the fabric of disdain
Isolation feeding the soul
The soul feeds the pain
Scattered remains
Of a life that went in vain

A shapeless form
Bound to vessels of an abstract
Flocking together credulously
Reminding the body
That life is nothing but a parody
Distorted and carmine facts

A flawless script
I wrote for my own demise
With a timeless frequency
Waves of nothingness are so vibrant
Like seeds of lost and the broken
Planted deep when I was infant


Oldfox004 said...

header badiya hain bhaiyya!!

warning disclaimer ek dum mast:)

poetry ithni cryptic hain ke mind mein tongue twister ho gaya;)

keep it up!!!

Ragpicker said...

Hey Vins,

Long time .. how are you. Im surprised to see you remember this blog... :) Glad you are there ..Lets meet online sometime.