Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whispering a Secret

A black sky ascends, promising judgment
For an endless realm of squander and pain
Reeking a soul for a soul, nothing less
Symbolic arrival of the dark commander

Clouds scorched through the heat
Of a jarring sun, broken and stained
Hour hand hit another usual morning
A blackhole of void deeply entrenched

Winds blaze through the rusted plains
The soil casted by the lifeless philosophies
Claws of whispering death in disdain
Our self-deception is the commander’s trophy

Are we heading towards an eternal glory
And to what cost do we bear this
Earth has been mutilated and amputated
To a point of never return , commander’s bliss

Feeding a cancerous foundation of
Misplaced wisdoms through out  the civilizations
Commander prepares his whiplash
And smiles at the thorns of our abomination

We have injected a catalogue of distorted ambitions
Falsified, Morbid and Smoldering rot
Claims of dissonance in our faithless murals
And a reality burned alive, point blank shot

Bound to absolutely nothing, scaled beyond
Horizons after horizons the earth is raped
Depleted, Tortured and tormented every hour
Destruction awaits , silently at the 9th gate

Casement of slanderous initiations
A thousand ways to save our souls burned
Glimpse of our numbness and tranquility
At the hands of the time , pages have turned

Hear the skies burst , the volcano erupt
the quake and tsunamis , the grand master’s plan
Mother nature hails the black commander’s arrival
A much needed clean up job, the grand master’s plan

With thy commander , my allegiance stand !

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