Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fragile Left

It resonates through the words she said ,
into a past , this life so divinely decayed
And all those memories slowly played
To remind me, that we left it all so grey
Nothing touched her heart, but so I craved
Will today be the same , as the day we tried to save
Tears at both end dried with a plastic life that swayed
and deep somewhere in our own separate ways
We keep pretending , bitter thoughts hidden inside ourselves
we say to ourselves , let there be happiness at the other end
But the truth is so clouded, that we were once friends
Now rendered calm and silent, in time through a painful trend
I still see your picture through some closed eyes in pain
I see you smile and bring some heavenly rains
into a life , thats dead by heart where this desert remains
But its just fragile corner at the left of my brain
I wish you are happy to see me gone
And thats what makes me write this song


Vinnie said...

this is touchy...take care, Rags

each line so beautiful...hope she gets ur message.

Ragpicker said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with my work vinnie .... long time no see. How are you doing ? Will you ever blog again ..cuz I miss your writings.tkc !

The Rugged Heiress said...

Hey Rag!

Long time since I visited your blog and I must admit I kinda missed it. The poem was very well written. I have been thinking of coming back to blogsville, just started a new blog with some of my old posts. Hope you remember me. Take Care,


Ragpicker said...

Hey Ash,

Good to see you back ! And yes there is no question that I can forget you :) ... Been quite busy lately so I was not able to write regularly . Glad to nkow that you are writing again . Thanks !

Vinnie said...

hmmmm...writing again may be a distant reality..lemme see:)