Friday, October 1, 2010

Route 66

It picks up through the rags once left,
Cold , unattended ,withered by the rusting red
Scabs of nothingness left for nothing except decay
Lying on the corner of a misplaced way
That eats the thought , kills the pain
Numbs the will , scarves the sane
A place far from black of the words
And bright of the day

Miles passed , not a tear that covers the face
Where did those smiles go, left without a trace
Now theres nothing but a silent pain to embrace
Between the years and a time that swayed
Walls scratched , diaries burned ,
Contorted conclusions , all pages lie unturned
Miles after miles of stark emptiness lying on its way
And a soul that walks through it all day

It resonates through these grayed everglades
An unasked breathe that slowly fades
A senseless message that the nervous system passes
All through the day , without a meaning , without a say
It kills the feeling ,kills the play
Reminding that this wrath is here to stay
A picture of a life that none can possibly portray
I sketch the dawn of all that went away. . .


Satans Darling™ said...

I have goosebumps after reading this one... It is really so moving!

I cannot post my favorite lines because all of them are my favorites! The whole poem just says so so much. And the image is the perfect match to it all.

Lovely work, yet again Rags!

Always a pleasure to read you

Vinnie said...

feelings hain baap...feelings..bole tho ekdum sahi hain ;)
take care, Rags

Ragpicker said...

@ash: I never know words can ever shake someone so much to give them goosebumps ... may be theres too much apathy surrounding me for now . Thanks for sharing your comment. Glad you read the poem. Tkc.

@vins: Thanks for sharing your feedback yet again. This poem is all about the lack of feeling.


Sonya said...

hello ragpicker :) I don't know if you remember me still..


Ragpicker said...

Yes.. I remember you and everything you tried to heal this man ! ... Where did you go ? some distance space travel :) ...thanks for dropping by.

Sonya said...

I dropped by to make sure this man was still healed and hopefully better since I left...:)