Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jarvis 3

A craving held between the lines of absolute wrath of the soul and a timeless serenity. It calls for the end of everything that is yet to come, but not before the inception of the time that is glaring towards infinity. Its somewhere between these lines a universe exits that holds the answer to all our collective unanswered questions.

But on a second thought , this universe is insanely hollow. An empty space with endless stretch of black space filled with nothing but a stark emptiness. Not even a sound , a breathe or a vision. Only a lost thought deep inside the synapses of the mind. Solace within a void speaking to the deaf ears evolutionary redemption. Indeed a haunting silence prevails there once attended. An unanswered death and life devoid of meaning . A beautiful abyss.

An extract from the Black Book

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Oldfox004 said...

hey Rags

how's u? as i see not much blogging..but otherwise?

this new layout is cool but i miss ur old look...:(