Monday, March 28, 2011


An alienation from the known , I stare into this cold silence without much hope , without a say and without a smile. A straight face towards an endless regime of pain and suffering bottled inside , like a volcano trying to erupt itself for more than a thousand years. A clueless life leading towards an abyss of oblivion without even bothering to ask what do this soul needs. Prolonged prevalence of induced emptiness of the heart and a thoughtless life has lead to such consequences.

For long I have tried to remember at least one single moment in my life , when I was truly happy. Stressed my memory back till the kindergarten. I found none. Never felt a soul close to me , never got touched by the blessings of a divine , never felt happy , nor remorse , nor sad neither appreciated the small good things around me... just a static line that flowed through the black heart. Indeed , as the night grows darker I stare into this bloody hell only to be reminded there is no hope.

An extract from the Black Book - Ragpicker , 29th March , 2011.


Vinnie said...

I want to burn off ur Black Book, Rags

more in ur inbox...grrrrrrrrrr.........:)

Ragpicker said...

Is that really what you want ? .And I thought book burnings were a thing of past :) ...