Sunday, February 27, 2011


Chromium shaded doorway , solace residing
beyond the end of horizon,
Timeless crystal maze , sleep into thy abyss
Entrenched forever , is my soul undone

Mirrors of wish reflects , a symphony presiding
the tale of nomenclature ,
Deceptive embrace , weep into thy subconscious
Melting the heart, tears of mother nature

That childhood buried , lifeless deciding
A cross placed upside down,
Decadence of wilt , Unblessed guilt
Reckoning of unspoken , my very noun

Wrapped under your blackwings,
Demons of inner shadows, poisoned senses
Random generation of solitude
Tranquilized beyond life's all three tenses

Self destruction is the primary archetype
That's sustained within a silent residence
My spirit walks the maze, deeply sedated
Ashes of my failures are the echoed resonance

Rusted walls dripping a liquid embrace
Haunting wind feels the skin again
Condemned towards an infinity,
Ghost of progress , dressed in endless pain

These thoughts are held without a trial
without a judgement day
Into a barless prison , darkness descends
As it keeps falling further away
and away

Into thy abyss, black bliss , opaque vision
Cold feet , frozen hands , dusted floor
Beyond infinity and a timeless path

It keeps falling away and away . . . .


Vinnie said...

i see that my blog is in ur list at the top! thanks for still retaining my link:)

about this poem...lets discuss thru a chat session...lemme know when we can meet up, ok?

Ragpicker said...

Hey vins long time .. glad to find you back !

Lets meet at around 11pm this sat.